Smaller Wedding Band for Smaller Occasion

For when Huge Weddings aren’t feasible


Its not all about the big, glamorous huge wedding. In fact there are plenty of people out there who have a more intimate affair and actually this isn’t such a bad thing at all. Smaller weddings can often be perfectly formed and sometimes less hassle can mean the day goes more according to plan. At the end of the day not everyone is the same and people have varying tastes and interests.   Some people prefer bigger bands, some people prefer DJ’s and some people may meet in the middle and have a smaller band.


This was my thinking behind my new smaller wedding band – ‘Pop Rocks’. ‘Pop Rocks’ is a scaled down version of my full function band with just four people, but still a huge sound it is great for lower budgets and for smaller, more intimate weddings or events. The band plays a mixture of soul, pop, Motown and chart classics, with even a bit of Bieber thrown in if that’s your thing. (You can see us in action below – just hit play!)


We have loads of energy and all sing backing vocals making it sound like the band is bigger than it actually is. I am getting ever more enquiries at the moment for smaller bands, so to develop this London based function band seemed like a no-brainer. With a cool, youthful look and highly skilled instrumentalists and vocalists, I have no doubt it will be as much of a success as ‘Off The Wall’ is.

Have a listen and leave a comment for Ross Wall’s new function band, Pop Rocks.

Ross Wall