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Clarissa Land 7
Jazz Singer London

Soultry Jazz singer with Lush Tones


Clarissa - Vocals

Clarissa is one of the best Jazz Singers in London. Her soultry, smooth tone is perfect for sitting back and sipping on a Whiskey Chaser under dark mood lighting, whilst you just take in the atmosphere and listen.


As a Jazz Singer, Clarissa has one of the most beautiful voices and has boasted performances at London's Ned, 606 Club and The Arts Club coupled with amazing destination performances at the Royal Anantara in Thailand

With influences ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Amy Winehouse to Jorga Smith, her range and repertoire excels that of most singers in the UK. Whilst her voice lends itself to singing classic Jazz and swing numbers, she also nails current pop, soul and commercial songs where her deep soulful tone really shines through.  

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