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Function Band for Hire

The Luxe Showband is Ross's flagship function band for hire.  Rave reviews have earned them a stellar reputation nationwide.  The Luxe Showband are a function band for hire like no other.  They have a great habit of getting every party rocking with their unrivalled, undisputed, unbelievable talent!  There are no second rate musicians in the band - they literally have *THE* best, most professional, world class musicians and singers in in the business.   We are talking members that have worked with the likes of Ella Eyre, Jay Z, Sister Sledge and Gary Barlow to name but a few.  

Ross's function band for hire have performed at a variety of events over the years, including weddings, corporate parties, birthday parties and awards ceremonies - you name it, they've done it. They've built up a strong reputation, with various guests commenting that the function band was the best that they have heard at any event.  Check out one of our favourite Luxe Showband Testimonials below so that you can see for yourself just how highly thought of that this function band for hire are.  

The Luxe Showband can either come standalone or as part of a whole day package which would include different entertainment during other parts of the event or function. This could include acoustic jazz or pop duos, solo pianists or even vocal duo's. Just enquire with Ross and RW music Entertainment for more details on how this can work.  There is so much more to offer with this function band for hire.  


More Information on The Luxe Showband

Want to hire one of the most sensational function bands for hire on the circuit - look no further than the Luxe Showband.  Unparalleled musicianship coupled with an exceptional vocal ability,  scintillating energy on stage and intelligent music choice, make this function band the go-to choice for your event music.  If you want your event to kick off then the Luxe function band fore hire bring a new meaning to the phrase 'best party ever". It is no fluke that our clients have said that the Luxe Showband have literally made their event.  Performing at events and weddings for over 6 years, the Luxe show band have established themselves as a band that can create a memorable atmosphere at every event they perform at.   

In conjunction with RW Music Entertainment, Luxe show band uses a team of vocalists that are some of, if not *THE* best in the UK. Some of these vocalists can also be found on the BM Artists website, who Luxe was formed in partnership with.  

Offering an array of packages, the Luxe Show band can be entirely flexible on the line up requirements from the client. Starting at a 4 piece band they can go right up to an extravagant 12 piece band with a horn section that are tighter than a submarine door. The classic and most common line up is a 9 piece , which combines the best of both ends of the spectrum.  The core rhythm section of the band have been playing together for years at such events and have built up a rapport that can only come as a result of such time spent in this manner!  Not to mention; Ross is a great musical director, having spent time on the road touring with major artists.  This helps to dictate the way the band sound and can only be a great advantage for your event.


Our frontline singers pride themselves on crowd interaction and Luxe function band for hire are guaranteed to keep guests dancing all night as they take you through an exhilarating journey of musical genres.  Chart stuff? No problem, 90's, Hip-Hop and Throwback? Easy. Don't forget to check out our infamous UK- Garage set as well, which sometimes the one and only Lifford jumps in on if booked as a preferred vocalist in the band.  Essentially, we cater to our clients needs and wishes and as each event is different, it's important that  a function band for hire can have this option.  

The most common package includes 2 x 1 hour live party sets with a DJ included between these sets.  We find this is the optimum time in order to find a balance between the crowd screaming for more and having them dancing all night. If that doesn't work for you - no problem, Luxe are here to entertain so different packages are of course available.  

The Luxe show band comes with a full state of the art sound system that is installed, mixed and managed by an accredited sound engineer which means the musicians can concentrate on performing in the way only they know how - World Class!

The Luxe function band for hire have most recently performed at prestigous venues such as Babington House, 8 Club Moorgate, Fulham Palace and even the destination venue Bastide Du Roy in the South of France.   Scroll down to see how happy our clients were with what they saw and if you are in any doubt about booking , let Ross get one of our happy brides to give you a call so you can hear it for yourself.  

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