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Bands for Weddings in London

Updated: May 19, 2019

I run one of the best bands for weddings in the country - actually maybe all of Europe! If you are looking for a band for your wedding in London that is classy, dynamic, engaging and talented with an exceptional image, then honestly, you have come to the right place.

There are many bands for weddings in London on the market at the moment, but my award winning showband 'The Luxe Showband' have earned rave reviews over the last year and really are an incredible spectacle. We use the most exceptional singers in the UK who not only have stunning voices, but are also energetic and charismatic helping to create an electric atmosphere for your event or wedding.

I regularly work with Jamie Johnson - The Voice finalist on Kylie Minogue's Team and I'm lucky enough to have secured him in the band, subject to availability. This is the kind of level of singer that you are getting if you book through RW Music as your band for your wedding. There are not many bands for weddings in the UK who can boast such extreme talent as this!

Check the video above for the vibe that the Luxe Showband can create. We get everyone involved in the party and this includes the groom when he decided to crowd surf into the encouraging guests! Finding bands for weddings in London no longer has to be a task that creates stress and unnecessary debate between the parties involved in booking! Rest assured, I have it covered for you and I will never disappoint!

6 Highlights and Reasons to book Luxe Showband as the band for your wedding:

1) The Ultimate in Singers and Musicians

2) Unrivalled Energy and Incredible Playlists/Song Choices covering all genres. Soul, 80's, Pop, Current Chart, Hip Hop, RnB, UK Garage

3) Personal Touch - I will personally make sure you are in safe hands. I will keep in touch with you to make your dreams come a reality once everything is booked up.

4) We have some of the best reviews on the planet: - Luxe are a trusted band for weddings. We are professional and reliable, as well as awesome! Check out our review below!

Our Amazing groom from France sends us a card in the post!

5) We will take the roof off for your event. - this is probably the most important. As mentioned, I will personally make sure that the band create an unforgettable vibe and atmosphere at your wedding or event. Having performed at numerous weddings and events, I have an exceptional ability to read the crowd and know what song will work next. Our presence on stage is also phenomenal, so rest assured, you will get a party that is rocking from moment one, right up until the end of the night.

6) We provide 2 x 15 Minute Dinner sets which is one of the most fun parts of the day! See below to witness the amazing atmosphere that can be created during our dinner sets! Who needs food when you have entertainment as good as this and what other bands for weddings in London can create this atmosphere I ask:

For more information on the Luxe Showband - don't forget to check out our page with more info

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