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Piano Shell Hire London

Need a Piano Shell for your Wedding or Corporate Event in London and surrounding areas? Look no further.  I can offer you a high end, glamorous Grand Piano shell, finished with a beautiful black, gleaming, gloss coating for an extremely competitive rate.

Why a Grand Piano Shell

Add a touch of class to your event or wedding with our black, sleek, radiant grand piano shell. The grand piano shell turns pretty much any electric keyboard into a beautiful looking grand piano by acting as a cover. It truly is a remarkably simple piece of equipment and comes in at a 3rd of the price of hiring a real grand piano!

The grand piano shell is extremely versatile and takes a matter of minutes to load into a venue and put together.  Need a grand piano on a boat? No problem! Need a grand piano several flights of stairs up? Thats fine! My Grand Piano shell can literally cater for all of these predicaments with its extreme versatility at a considerably reduced cost, yet in keeping with the level of elegance and artistry that you require at your event. 

  • Light enough to carry around a venue

  • Extreme Elegance and Grace

  • Fits a variety of Electric Keyboards

With Different Packages available, we can tailor the Grand Piano Shell hire to your own requirements.  Hire from as little as £200 for single day use or keep it for longer and get in touch for further pricing information. 

If hiring Ross as your pianist for an event, he can also offer the option to bring it along for an extra fee.

Don't miss out on getting a hugely reduced deal for the piano shell hire as we can usually come in at the lowest price when compared to other piano shell hire companies.

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