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Pianist for Hire in London and Essex

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Hiring a piano player in London, Essex and all surrounding areas is not a problem any more.  The world wide web is full of piano players for hire, musicians and agencies who can help you to find someone perfect for your day.  However, if you are looking for something extra special, Ross Wall is a pianist for hire.

A pianist can create a beautiful ambience for any occasion.  The best thing about the piano is it is such a versatile instrument and it can lend itself to so many situations.  For example, a pianist for hire can play soft romantic music to create a lovely background ambience and atmosphere.  Alternatively, a pianist for hire can bash out some boogie woogie to really liven up an atmosphere and create a jolly mood.  There are so many possibilities when you hire a piano player to perform at your wedding or event.

Why hire a pianist at your wedding ceremony?

A wedding ceremony is the ideal opportunity to hire a pianist to perform.  It is one of the most romantic days of your life and the beauty of music at this point is indescribable.  To have a beautiful song performed with passion and emotion whilst you walk down the aisle to marry the man/woman of your dreams is a moment that will never be forgotten in your life.   I think music at this point of the day is imperative and a piano player can really help to aid the emotion of the moment. After all, music is an emotive thing in itself.

The other nice thing about hiring a pianist for your wedding ceremony, is that he or she can perform some songs in the interlude moment of signing the register.  Perhaps you have some songs that you love hearing on the piano.  The signing of the register is the perfect time for that to happen as your guests eagerly wait for you to sign so that they can throw confetti at you on the way out.  Having some music from a pianist for hire at this point helps to glue the wedding ceremony together and it makes your guests feel like something is happening, otherwise they can feel a little bit in limbo. At a recent wedding ceremony Ross played the piano and a guest bridesmaid got up and sung with him whilst her sister/bride signed the register.  It was a lovely moment as the other guests sat on watching in amazement.

The final reason to hire a pianist for your wedding ceremony is so that can play something uplifting when you exit the room.  Walking out to a chorus of uplifting music on the piano is much more powerful than walking out to silence. After all, a wedding occasion is meant to be a celebration, so having music makes it all the better and who better to hire than a pianist who will be able to perform your favourite music live for you whilst you embark on the best day of your life so far.

Pianist for hire at your wedding reception drinks.

Ross Wall is also a pianist for hire at a wedding reception drinks. Hiring a pianist for this part of the day can be very classy.  A wedding pianist not only acts as a luxury and elegant addition to the atmosphere at a drinks reception, but it also provides a pleasant background noise of familiar songs that your guests can hum along to or even sing along to.

Some favourite songs for Ross to perform at a wedding are Perfect by Ed Sheeran. You can check out his cover of this song by clicking here .  

Ross absolutely loves performing pop covers on the piano and is the number 1 pianist for hire in the UK.  As well as Perfect by Ed Sheeran, he performs lots of other great covers in all styles including pop, jazz, easy listening and classical! He also takes requests so that you can here your favourite songs with no qualms.  This is whats sets him apart from other pianists for hire in the country.

For more information on how to book Ross as a pianist for hire for your event or wedding, get in touch via the contact page! What are you waiting for?

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