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Wedding Pianist

One of Ross's most enjoyable gigs is when he works as a Wedding Pianist.   Over the years Ross has racked up hundred of gigs performing at wedding ceremonies, reception drinks and wedding breakfasts as a wedding pianist.  There are several parts of the day where a pianist can perform at your wedding and Ross has designed packages which will cover one, or all of the parts that you require.  The piano is regarded as one of the most romantic instruments in the world and Ross plays the instrument with a natural flair and elegance, perfect for your aisle walk or special song during dinner.  

What they Said:

Ross Wall - Wedding Pianist London

Ross regularly works as a wedding pianist in London and Essex. Similarly, Ross is happy to travel all around the UK or even to a desination abroad in order to work as a wedding pianist.  Ross has worked as a wedding pianist at many of the prestigious wedding venues around London and Essex and has built up a rapport with several of them already.  He is more than happy to liaise with venue staff in order to organise logistics, so that it makes it less stressful for the you.  

An experienced performer and wedding pianist, Ross has built up a huge range of songs that he can play on the piano. Many of which are very suited to different parts of the day, and different moments of the day.  Be it a beautiful romantic song for an aisle walk, or an uplifting song for some exit music, let Ross advise you on some of his suggestions so that it can make your life easier, as lets face it, there is certainly lots to organise for the day as it is.  Ross is more than happy to take special requests from you for those special moments too.   


A wedding is  a very special occasion and Ross knows the importance of being flexible in order for things to run smoothly for the client, be them the bride or the groom.  Ross will work together with you to bring your musical ideas to reality and use his years of expertise in working as a wedding pianist in order to do so. 


Ross is self contained and over the years has purchased large quantities of state of the art equipment, so that when working as a wedding pianist in London and Essex, he can make sure he has the right tools for the job.  Ross has various professional keyboards and stage piano's that he chooses from to bring to your wedding, so you don't have to worry if there is no piano at the venue.  Similarly, if there is a piano, Ross is more than happy to use that - although it is always a good idea to check if it is in tune!  

Ross plays a variety of genres on the day - if it's current pop music as piano covers or jazz ballads you are after, Ross can navigate between styles to make sure that all crowds are catered for.  Ross also plays a range of easy listening music from the 60's right through to the present day and can literally switch between songs and styles at the flick of his fingers. 


Want a perfect atmosphere at your wedding breakfast or drinks reception? Allow Ross to create a beautiful ambience with his tried and tested range of songs and unique style and feel.  Ross can design the play list with thoughtfulness, so just leave it to his dedicated comepetence as a wedding pianist.  Having performed at over 1000 weddings and having played the piano since he was merely 5 years old, Ross is more than qualified to pick the perfect soundtrack for your wedding day to make it as special as you had imagined.  If not, the day is yours, so let Ross work together with you to design a playlist and that way you can throw in some meaningful tunes and requests. Either way, dont' hang about and get in contact with Ross today, where he will be more than happy to provide information on prices and answer any questions about his work as a wedding pianist. 

Don't forget - You can add extra musicians too. RW Music Entertainment offers some excellent small combination duo's so if you want more than a solo wedding pianist, you can check out one of Ross's Vocal and Piano Duo's or perhaps Ross's Saxophone and Piano Duo - a combination of two of the most romantic instruments in the world! Get in touch today.    



Check out some of the venues and pianos that Ross has performed on recently as a wedding pianist for hire. 

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