Music for a Ceremony

Ross Wall Performs at a Wedding in italy

Having music at a wedding ceremony can be one of the most moving things for a bride and groom.  Usually couples have a special song that means something to them and this could be a perfect time to hear that song.  After all, music does create an emotional response from people.


Walking the Bride!

There are certainly ample opportunities for music to be played during a ceremony.  I would say the first opportunity for a meaningful song is the bridal walk.  There is nothing more meaningful to a bride and a groom than seeing each other from a distance on the long walk up to the alter (or chuppah of course!) This is the last time that they will experience music as an unmarried couple!  Popular choices here include A Thousand Years by Christina Perri or At Last by Etta James! A popular instrumental combination for this could be piano and vocals/saxophone. Or alternatively, one might wish to have it played by a string quartet or even just piano itself.  Get in touch to organise any of these possible combinations!


Signed Sealed Delivered!

Then of course, you may choose to have some music at the point of the Signing of the Register.  This is an interlude after the happy couple are pronounced husband and wife.  It is important to have music at this point, as otherwise wedding guests can get restless whilst the couple take around 10 minutes to complete all signing and registration documents.  Popular choices for a piano and vocal line up here are ‘Signed, Sealed Delivered’  and Jess Glynnes, ‘Real Love’ ! Although, I have recently played Ludovic Enaudi’s ‘I Giorni’ which is a beautiful piece of music that can be performed at this point.



Walk Out Happy!

A final celebratory song can be played as the bride and groom exit the room – which is often a happy, upbeat song – Perhaps Jess Glynnes ‘Hold My Hand’ is quite an apt song at this point.  There are many options for music here, but I believe at this point in the wedding ceremony, it should be something happy and uplifting.  In fact, I organised a gospel choir once to sing ‘Happy Day’ at this point.  It was most beautiful!


For more options and discussions of music at your wedding ceremony – do not hesitate to get in touch with me using my contact form on the website and I would be happy to discuss music relating to this.  I can cater for various line ups including Piano, Piano and Saxophone or even Piano and Vocalists.

Ross Wall