A Great Party Vibe

What Gets the Crowd Dancing?

One thing that I always debate amongst band mates and friends is that of who plays the biggest role in creating the vibe at a wedding or party in general. (I think its safe to say that you can translate the word wedding for party or event, wherever applicable within this blog!) I have been to weddings that are off the chain in terms of a party atmosphere, whilst I have also attended weddings that were, sorry to say it, a little drab, and of course some weddings have been at different points in between these two extremes. The question I will be discussing today debates the different roles of the band, the music, and in fact the guests themselves in helping to create the perfect environment for your wedding or event!


The Guests or the Band?


Impartially speaking, the guests are crucial for making a wedding atmosphere great. Guests standing around looking unimpressed, or guests that are not in the right frame of mind for a party probably are going to be much harder work to be entertained. I think it’s all about coming to the wedding with an open mind and ready to dance and enjoy oneself. I have often been at weddings where the guests don’t even step on to the dance floor and just sit in their seats talking, or stand around the edge of the dance floor looking miserable. So, shouldn’t the band be doing something about that I hear you asking? Isn’t it the role of the band to get everyone excited, entertained and produce the vibe?


I do believe the guests play an important role, but I also believe the band has a huge part in creating the vibe. Check out the below video of my Band, Off the Wall, Live in action (creating an unbelievable vibe of course). You can really tell, that both the guests and the band were up for it and the end result is an amazing party. The band helps to create a party atmosphere, by first of all being unbelievable musicians. The next job is for the singers (to our advantage, we did have six on this night) to then hype the crowd through interaction and lots of energy – all of which can be demonstrated from the video. Thirdly, I believe, comes the music choice, and below I will discuss some great wedding party music options in order to give you some inspiration if you need it! J



 5 Great Party Tracks for A Wedding


Having previously spoken about first dances, I wont include any of these in this list. This list is all about guaranteed floor fillers that get the crowd dancing and jumping around. Some songs, people just cant help but move to and these are my top five from first hand experiences witnessing plenty of weddings over the years.


  1. Signed Sealed Delivered


Always a must for me, as well as being a great opener for a set, people love this song for its classic riff and great groove. In fairness, Stevie Wonder has plenty of songs to choose from, including Superstition, Do I Do, Sir Duke – all of which, work fantastically well at a party.


  1. I Feel Good


The Godfather Of Souls Classic track just makes any guest want to dance. Full of catchy riffs, funky guitar and horns, it truly does make you feel good.



  1. Mr Brightside


Always good to have a classic pop-rock song at the end of the night, most clients opt for this as a last song. Sex On Fire also goes down really well!


  1. I Want You Back


Any Michael Jackson Song Goes down particularly well.   Its rare to have a function without a little bit of Jacko, but my personal favourite is probably ‘I Want You Back’. Say No More.

  1. Dynamite – Taio Cruz


There are so many great current and chart songs, and one thing that guests love is current stuff! Uptown Funk and Happy go down a storm as well as Avicii’s wake me up, but guests also seem to love Dynamite and always ‘throw their hands up in the air tonight!’


It is surprisingly difficult to pick just 5 songs or so to choose at a set, but I would say these would usually be within my set on most occasions.   Its important to remember that most of these songs will sound a lot better live and work really well on a party set.  On some occasions, they can sound different to the original, which can sometimes be too slow for a party.  None the less I think you will agree that it is all 3 factors which will contribute to having a great wedding party equally, so lets make sure our guests are up for it and we will do the rest!


Ross Wall