Acoustic Wedding Band

When it comes to planning an event, sometimes it can be difficult to choose between the elegance of a solo pianist and the intensity of a LIVE band performance.  Luckily Ross Wall and his acoustic band are the perfect solution for your wedding day, corporate event or function!

The acoustic band can play a number of different instruments and alternate between them during their performance.  For a laid back vibe, the band will play three instruments such as keyboards, vocals and saxophone.  Check out this one possible line up performing Space Cowboy by Jamiroquai


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London Acoustic Trio

Alternatively, for something a little more upbeat and to even get people dancing, spruce things up with the Keyboards, Cajon, Saxophone and Vocals.  With still only 3 musicians (2 who interchange between instruments,) this is the perfect way to minimise costs but also create a ‘live lounge’ like atmosphere at your event! You can check out the London acoustic trio here, featuring Ross Wall on the Piano of course:

The acoustic band can adapt to any situation and create cool covers of songs that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to hear played with such a small line up.  They have been known to do covers of dance tunes in the chart and even do an acoustic UK garage set if that is your thing! They can also cover soul classics and romantic love songs for a special wedding day – anything is possible with the incredibly unique acoustic wedding band, ‘London Acoustic Trio.’

The best thing about Ross Walls acoustic line up is its versatility and any line up can be produced. If you like the vintage look of a double bass, or you’re not keen on the saxophone and you prefer the guitar, any of these amendments can be made at ease and will also bring a different element to the vibe and sound of the music.  Whatever you want, Ross has years of experience and will advise you honestly in what he thinks would sound best to suit your needs!



Ross Wall