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Interesting things about being a wedding pianist.

Being a wedding pianist in London is a job that involves a lot of variety.  One day you can perform in a Barn in Great Dunmow, the next you can be performing at the Landmark Hotel in London’s glamorous district of Marylebone.  It certainly gets you around the UK and sometimes you get to see some really interesting places.  Another fun part to being a wedding pianist is that you don’t know what kind of music you are going to play on a day to day basis.  Usually, the wedding client will ask for you to perform different songs during different parts of the day – which is a perfectly acceptable request.  Below i will carefully discuss some details below about working as a wedding pianist during a wedding ceremony.

Ross Wall as a Wedding Pianist



Music for a Wedding Ceremony

Sometimes as a wedding pianist you will get a booking which requires you to play for a wedding ceremony.  Whenever this happens, I have a careful dialect with the client in order to establish what songs that they would like me to perform as their wedding pianist.  Some clients like you to perform slow and melancholic songs, some clients prefer to hear a romantic song that means a lot to them – there are so many choices.  As a wedding pianist around Essex and London, I have been asked to perform an array of songs that are very different genres.  Most recently I have been asked to perform Pachelbel’s Canon – which is a classical piece of music most often performed by string quartets.  Most songs though can be adapted for piano and this song is no different.  It is a classic song with a beautiful melody and one that all wedding pianists should probably have included in their repertoire.

Another song that I have been asked to perform as a wedding pianist for a wedding ceremony is Saving All My Love For You.  This song takes it all the way back to 1985 and is a really romantic song for a wedding ceremony.  It discusses how all the love is to be saved for one person – what better way to tell your partner that you love them.  The lyrics of this song also really sing out on the piano and as a wedding pianist it is important to find songs that have this effect.


Careful choices for songs should also be considered for the signing of the register and for the exit music in the ceremony.  Most clients would like something uplifting for the exit music such as ‘Signed Sealed Delivered,’ or a song by Coldplay (Most of these work really well when played on the piano by a wedding pianist).

As for the signing of the register – sometimes songs that mean something to the couple are good options here. Again, usually romantic songs or songs that have a pretty tune work really well – such as Bryan Adams, ‘Everything I Do’, I do it For you.  This is always a good choice.  The good thing about music during the signing of the register is it means that there are no awkward silences whilst the couple are busy and the guests get slightly restless 🙂

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