Summer of Love

Ross Wall Performs In Italy By Keys

Making Music

Its always a pleasure to play with my good friend Brendan, the number 1 saxophone player in London!  We have enjoyed many gigs in recent months including travelling abroad to play at weddings whilst also staying a bit closer to home too. Having met at University we have shared a great time together and have a great connection when jamming and performing music together!

Bren n Ross in Resident Studios Jamming


We have released some new videos for potential clients to check out so if you are interested in having the smooth, sensual piano and saxophone sound at your event or function please do take a look!




For the sensual more modern sound and look at your wedding we have demonstrated our repertoire of Modern Chart music with records from Sam Smith, John Legend and Clean Bandit to name just a few.  We are constantly changing our repertoire and updating it with the most modern twists on current songs check out our Modern Pop Medley Here .

We have also demonstrated a more classic repertoire with a mixture of older more classic songs from the likes of Michael Jackson, Ben E King, George Michael (everyone loves Careless Whisper on the Saxophone) and Bruno Mars.  You can check out our Classic Pop Medley here.


Piano and Sax Performing Live in Italy

This summer has seen our duo perform all over London and the UK, whilst also being flown over to a very special wedding on the Eastern Italian Coast, close to Pescara.  We performed as the happy couple got married in the sweltering heat, playing their special song as they walked down the aisle, whilst also setting a great atmosphere for the guests whilst they anticipated the brides arrival.  It is always a pleasure to perform at weddings.

There are just so many reasons why I love weddings but looking a bit further than just the obvious there are also some music and performance factors that make it so enjoyable.  It is very rare as a musician to get booked for an event where you are required (or even allowed) to play more than one genre.  For example if you are booked to play at a house music festival it would be reasonably expected that you wouldn’t stray too far away from your bass n’ beats.  Equally if you are booked to play at a Jazz club then you would probably get a few funny looks if you started playing Schoenberg!  In the ‘music business’ people love to compartmentalise artists and place them in certain genres.  Now this isn’t a complaint, it’s just the way it is.  However when you perform at a wedding it is completely different!  You are there to entertain, to give variety, to put on a show and to make sure everyone has a good time!  I love that I can perform a reception set on the piano covering some much loved Jazz standards but then five hours later could have the whole dance floor jumping up and down to current chart toppers! Equally, over dinner I could be accompanying singers singing some John Legend, but at the end of the night having an acoustic Jam on the guitar as people are leaving.  I just love the musical journey that is encountered at a wedding.

Italy3 Italy1Italy2

Ross In Italy By Keys







RW Behind the Scenes!

You can check out a brief Video of us playing amongst the beautiful Italian scenery here,

and then check us Jamming in the sound check!


Pescara to Bournemouth

From Italy to the famous Highcliffe Castle in Bournemouth.  A prestigious monument in itself, it was a pleasure to again join Brendan in being part of Samantha and Kieths Big day!

Bournemouth Wedding Brendan and RossBournemouth Wedding Ross

Ross Wall