First Dances – My Top 5 for a Wedding

wedding band first dance performance

Why is a First Dance so Special?


In my informed opinion, the first dance should be a song that creates a special moment between you and your partner when you hear it. As soon as you hear the song, it generates a memory or feeling for both of you, but this is not unusual; after all, that is the power of what music can do to you. Music has the power to help you recreate a time and a place, it can affect your mood or demeanor and it can even remind you of a smell or a taste. Of course there are many other things that Music can do for you as well, but all of these things will help you decide upon what dance should be right for you as you take that first dance as a married couple – an important matrimonial part of the day!


There are of course other musical moments on ones big day too, for example the aisle walk, the signing of the register and the music during dinner, but here we will take a look at some of the most romantic songs that are played at weddings. In both Off the Wall and as a solo pianist, I have been able to play many of these songs – all of which I still love to perform to this day (even though some come up all the time)! Who knows, you might just get inspired if you’re struggling to think of one for your big day?


And the countdown Begins!


  1. Everything – Michael Buble


This Buble classic is a popular first dance at weddings. I have played this one for years and the lyrics describe the different ways in which your partner can be everything to you – and for some people they will be able to relate well to these lyrics, I have no doubt. Not only does it have a great piano riff it works really well with a live band!

  1. All Of Me – John Legend


This recent John Legend Classic released in 2013 is still a huge hit on the wedding circuit and sometimes even makes its way back in to the top 100 UK chart! Its elegant piano riff and lyrics that describe what makes his partner special with regards to personality and looks is sure to be meaningful to many a couple!  Here is my piano version:

  1. At Last – Etta James


A 1960’s classic, this bluesy soul song made famous by the fantastic Etta James describes how long shes been waiting for her love to come along – and when he did, she knew so well that it was meant to be. I am sure this is a common scenario for many couples, which is probably why it is a very popular song for a First Dance! I have heard some fantastic vocalists do this song justice, none other than our lead singer in Off The Wall – Katie Holmes!!  (The Beyonce Version is also incredible by the way!)

  1. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green


The soulful, smooth classic number 1 hit from the 70’s gets regular airplay at weddings. A traditional love song with not the most original of lyrics, but they describe how much he wants to stay with his partner for ever – and how special she is to him through the good, and the bad! These lyrics are quite apt for a wedding as all couples endure the good and the bad! Hopefully more good than bad though! I love performing this song on a piano as the melody is beautiful – lending itself very much to the sonorities of the instrument.

  1. If I Aint Got You – Alicia Keys


One of the most popular and the most beautiful I believe! Alicia Keys describes how life is nothing without her love – and what a powerful message this is too. It sums up the whole point of a wedding and is such a soulful beautiful song, its hard not to say that this is my favourite first dance. So much so, I recorded it with the fabulous vocalist Chenai – you can see a link below too! I hope you enjoy J



Thanks for reading about my favourite first dances and songs and if you ever want any more opinions about what works well – I am always happy to help. Remember you can always contact me for a chat about anything wedding related – I’d be happy to help and I have years of experience organising music for the big day.

Ross Wall