Production Values

One thing that can sometimes be forgotten about at weddings and corporate events are the values of production.  As good as any band can sounds, if things like the sound, lights, backdrop and even staging are not correctly thought about, it can effect the overall vibe and mood.

Sounds about right

Funnily enough, the first thing i do upon a booking enquiry is to check if  any of my favoured sound engineers are free for the event. As well as being a great guy all round, I know Gareth would do a fantastic job at making sure the band sounds good from the stage.  One of his roles is to bring and set up a Good quality PA system. The benefits of this is two fold – he will do it a lot quicker than I can, and it means I can set up and concentrate on organising the band and worry more about the quality of the music.  Another role he has is to make sure all musicians on stage are comfortable with their monitor mix.  For example if the keyboard player cant hear the guitar player (as he is on the other side of the stage) then the quality of the music may suffer.

I feel it is really crucial to also have the sound taken care of out front so that if there are any problems with feedback or something is too loud or quiet, this can be quickly adhered to.  After all how are the musicians on stage meant to do it if we are too busy playing?  Some people forget about the importance of this, but it is worth paying a little bit extra for this extra piece of quality you get when booking through Ross Wall.

The good news is that usually at least one of my engineers are available for the event and I can safely say I have never looked back!


Stage and Lights

It is also beneficial for the band to look the part and as much as a cool trendy outfit can do this a good stage, backdrop and extra lighting production definitely helps.  The only trouble is, that sometimes people avoid it because it is, of course an extra cost.

A stage can set the band up from the guests and get all of the wires, instruments and musicians out of the way of the guests who can concentrate on having a good time and not worry about breaking their necks tripping over a mic stand or a wire!  The stage can also be covered in a nice white or black carpet so it looks attractive and in line with how your event should appear – classy!




Then to top if off, a good set of lights with LED lasers, Uplighter’s or POINTE’s can often create an attractive atmosphere and help to spectacularly invigorate the mood.  It is worth getting in touch  so that I can ask my suppliers for a quote.  You might be surprised it sometimes isn’t as expensive as you think and can really add a touch of glamour and class to any event.


All in all it is good to bare in mind that extra production does come at a slight cost – but it is definitely worth it.  I always include a sound engineer in my full band quotations as I wouldn’t go anywhere without one.  With solo piano or acoustic line ups I am happy to bring my own and set up by my self with a state of the art YAMAHA DXR PA system as this is much more feasible.  However when the party band is rocking, having an engineer is crucial.


Thanks for reading


Ross Wall